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Ratatöskr helps you to customize your website. The powerful and simple to learn template system gives you the power to design your website with a consistent layout.


Ratatöskr was designed to deliver websites in multiple languages. Articles, tags and sections can all be translated into multiple languages and still be the same object.

And if you need to internationalize your template, we have a plugin for that


Using Ratatöskr's powerful and easy to learn plugin API, it is easy to extend it's functionality with some lines of PHP code.

Plugins can also be fetched from repositories. The repository of the official plugins and our community repository are already preinstalled.

Learn how to write Plugins in our documentation.

Why choose Ratatöskr?

Ratatöskr was developed to make your website unique. Ratatöskr makes it easy to write your very own templates and therefore gives you many freedoms in designing your website. The template language looks a lot like HTML/XML and should therefore be easy to learn, if you already know how to write HTML.

Ratatöskr also gives you a powerful plugin API that lets you extend it, if you are missing a feature.

Ratatöskr was designed as a CMS that delivers a website in multiple languages. You can translate nearly everything: Articles, Tags, Sections. And if you are using the custom_translations plugin, you can even translate your templates!

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Ratatöskr v.0.2 β 4

A new beta of Ratatöskr was released today. It ships with a new version of the STE template engine (which now supports scoping in custom tags). Get it now!


Ratatöskr v0.2 β 3

A new beta of Ratatöskr was released today. The biggest difference is, that it now ships with a new version of the STE Template Engine.


Ratatöskr v0.2 β 1/2

Two betas of Ratatöskr v.0.2 were released today.

0.2 mainly improves compatibility with newer and future PHP versions. To accomplish this, Ratatöskr got rid of the old mysql extension and now uses PDO. Since PDO supports prepared statements, this should also increase security.


Another hotfix of v.0.1 β 5

This hotfix fixes a bug in the PluginPackage class.


Hotfix of v.0.1 β 5: Some minor bugfixes

This hotfix fixes some minor bugs and ships with a new version of STE.


Ratatöskr v.0.1 β 5 released

Beta 5 fixes an bug that occurred, if a Tag had no translation in the current language and then crashed the frontend.


Ratatöskr v. 0.1 β 4 released

Today I am proud to announce the first public release of Ratatöskr.